Free Online Violin Course(Beginner)

In this exciting free online violin course, you will learn:

  • what makes up a bow and how to prepare yourself to start playing.
  • the best bow hair tension to create great sound
  • what you must look out for before buying a violin (Bonus gift for you)
  • Secrets to bowing like a Pro.
  • How to create your first tone on the violin
  • 3 Common Mistakes you're likely to make as a beginner.
  • Tips to help you as a beginner.

This course will set you on the path of learning the violin. All the fundamental knowledge that you need is covered in this free course.

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"I joined this online program with Rimma since I started to learn the violin she has been wonderful. I had never formally learnt to play an instrument before and she has been so patient, encouraging and inspiring. I can now play my favourite songs on the violin!


Hi, I'm Rimma!

And I want to make your violin dream come true!

I'm the founder of Rimma Strings Academy. I hold a first-class Master's degree in Musical Arts and pedagogy degrees

My professional career spans solo, chamber music and orchestral appearances throughout Europe including Germany, Italy and Russia.

Apart from classical music, I have also jammed with different musical groups that play other genres like soft-rock, jazz, hip-hop etc.

I have featured in more than 100 songs worldwide.

My academy has helped thousands of students all over the world to play the violin and viola.

My passion is to get you playing the violin beautifully in no time.